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After a Road Traffic Accident (RTA)

Whiplash related symptoms may appear over a period of seveal weeks – it is not just your neck but your whole body that has been impacted, but this can take time to reveal. At the time of the RTA the most common symptoms are neck pain, stiffness and headache. If any serious injury is suspected or there has been loss of consciousness, go to hospital. After any RTA you should visit your GP to record your symptoms, even if they seem mild.

Other symptoms that may develop include shoulder pain, chest pain (from the seatbelt impact), lower back pain, nausea, dizziness, poor concentration, sleep disturbance, clumsiness and irritability – to name but a few.

For a few days after the accident your symptoms may worsen – rest, drink plenty of water and perhaps take some arnica tablets for the shock, trauma and bruising. After that, if you are still experiencing symptoms it may be worth considering having treatment of some kind. Symptoms that are left untreated can sometimes cause problems years or even decades later, so it is worth trying to resolve them at the time.

If you are claiming the cost of treatment from an insurer, check with them first regarding the correct procedure. For more information and advice after an RTA, contact the Motor Accident Solicitors Society.