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Pregnancy is a time of enormous change in a short period of time. It is amazing how well the body adapts and it is not surprising that it sometimes struggles to keep pace. All body systems are affected by the physical, hormonal and emotional changes occurring.

Most commonly, women present with low back pain, groin pain or symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD). Essentially these all relate to the pelvis being disturbed by the weight of the foetus and hormonal changes to the supporting ligaments.

In the latter stages of pregnancy, the lie of the baby may be a concern. Sometimes the baby cannot turn, perhaps due to a short cord or the placement of the placenta. More often, the baby will turn if the uterus and pelvis are made more comfortable. Top tip – to reduce the chance of a back-to-back (OP) presentation, minimise sitting from 35 weeks (lie down to rest), or sit with the knees lower than the hips, to keep the pelvic inlet open.

After delivery, osteopathy may be helpful in restoring the lower back and pelvis to their normal state and speed the process of recovery from the birth, physically and emotionally.