Cranial Osteopathy

All osteopaths use touch to affect the physiology of the body and use osteopathic principles to understand how the body works. Cranial osteopathy is at the most gentle, subtle end of the spectrum of osteopathic treatment. The term ‘cranial’ is a misnomer, as the techniques can be used to treat the whole body and the osteopath will not necessarily put their hands on your head.

Patients sometimes comment that they cannot feel anything happening. This is a bit like saying that you cannot feel a headache pill happening! It is simply that the process is taking place on a physiological level that you are not used to feeling. I would advise taking the opportunity to just lie quietly, switch off the mental chatter and see what happens.

Cranial osteopathy works in harmony with the body – not forcing the pace of change, nor dictating which part of the body is to be treated. This is why it is so useful for long standing or complex conditions, where confronting the body might be counter-productive.

It is also appropriate for pregnant women and babies or other individuals where a gentle, calm, relaxing approach is appropriate. But cranial osteopathy can also be profound and powerful, so be prepared for wide ranging changes to occur, improving your general sense of wellbeing.

It’s worth mentioning any health issue, as people often don’t realise the range of problems we may help with:

“I have never had a problem with snoring but my dear wife suffered from it terribly. I would often wake in the morning to find her on the couch in a far away room. All until a chance conversation with Mary Monro. “I may be able to do something about that” she said.

One week later and I am lying on a couch myself and Mary is “laying on hands”. Well I’m a Northern lad and to say I was sceptical was not an understatement. Three treatments later I am waking up with my wife again and her suffering has decreased to a fraction of what it was. I do not pretend to know how Mary does it but it works”.   JC, 59, Bath.