Chronic conditions

I have arthritis orĀ  another chronic condition – how can osteopathy help?

Obviously these long-standing conditions cannot be cured by osteopathy, nor can we turn back the clock.

However, we can often help to optimise the function of the body, keeping you active and reducing pain, so that your life remains as normal as possible. Osteopathy may make the difference between ‘learning to live with it’ and continuing to do whatever activity it is that makes your life enjoyable. It is a matter of changing the balance so that you are in control of the symptoms, not the symptoms being in control of you.

For example, people are sometimes diagnosed by their GP with joint arthritis and then are left to wait for a replacement operation, sometimes for months, without help other than painkillers. Osteopathy can ease this period, maintaining health and activity until the operation. Osteopathy can also help post-operatively, to restore normal function, in conjunction with remedial physiotherapy.