Babies & Children

When should I bring in my baby or child?

It is important to see your GP if you have any concerns about the health of your child.

Children respond very well to osteopathic care and seem to enjoy it. Usually a few sessions will help to resolve symptoms, but with long-standing conditions an ongoing approach may be appropriate, integrated with care being offered via the GP or specialist. We will discuss this at the first consultation.

One of my mums says:

“Mary has treated both of our babies from birth for a variety of reasons, my son Daniel from 11 days old to help him recover from a very traumatic birth and latterly to help him with teething and a toxic condition, and my five month old daughter Libby has also had treatment from 12 days old as she was a little premature and has needed help and support to ease her through some early developmental stages.  We have found cranial osteopathy has literally ‘saved’ us, as both babies have been relieved of symptoms such as wind, fractiousness, poor sleeping and a poor latch which made breastfeeding challenging.  Without exception every treatment has led to an improvement in well being and a massive reduction in symptoms within hours, and the relief that brings to the family unit is immeasurable.  It really is very reassuring to know that Mary and her magic hands are just a phone call away to gently ease the children through to better health”.     SG, Warminster.