Aches & Pains

Not just backs!

Osteopaths are trained to understand and treat all the structures of the body. We are well known for treating backs, but the back is just an example of a body structure, made up of different tissues – bones, muscles, ligaments, blood vessels, nerves, fascia; all connected together to allow a variety of functions, such as bending, reaching, walking. Any other body structure shows a similar pattern and can be understood in the same way.

It is important to understand that the site of pain may not be the source of the pain. The body functions as a unit and often a symptom in one part may be the result of dysfunction elsewhere. It’s a bit like a spider’s web – a fly landing anywhere will create tension in the whole web. So, treating the back in isolation might not be effective if the source of injury is a pair of flat feet!

Whether your symptoms are in the spine, the head or the limbs, osteopaths are trained to understand the whole body structure to be able to help you.

“I cautiously walked into the treatment room hunched and tense from the agonising pain which had given me sleepless nights and had turned me into a pain killer ‘drug addict’. Whilst Mary worked on my twisted back I was sceptical as her approach was so non-invasive I wondered how it could possibly help. I remember the strange feeling as my limbs went heavy and almost twitchy with her light touch to my feet. Surely it must be having some effect?!

The following day I felt as if I had done a serious workout and my crumpled spine seemed to ‘unfold’ and relax without any need for further pain relief. I think Mary has the healing hands that my back requires and I see her regularly to keep things in check”.  PM, 35, Warminster.