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After Treatment

How will I react to osteopathic treatment?


After treatment, people often feel tired and a bit achey. This is normal and passes off after a day or so.

Sometimes people feel immediate relief from symptoms. Sometimes your body has to carry on processing the work that has been done and you may feel aches and pains in various places. This is a transition process, as your body tries to go to a more healthy pattern of function.

If your symptoms have been present for a long time or are severe, it may take several sessions to feel an improvement. Please remember that it might not be possible to undo overnight what has taken months or years to develop. Another factor that interferes with progress is continuing to do the activity that caused the problem. Often this is unavoidable – lifting your child or carrying on your job, for instance, but it does slow things down. I will advise on how best to manage this.

Your response to treatment depends on many factors, which are unique to you at that moment in time. I will give you some idea of what to expect in your individual circumstances.