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7 Steps To A Healthy 2019

It’s that time of year again, when we are invited to review the past and look ahead to the new year. Here are some ideas on how to create a plan that encourages you to head in a healthier direction.

  1. Baseline – use your phone camera, Fitbit, Health App or even a piece of paper to record where you are now – seated posture, resting heart rate, weight, screentime/day, exercise level, alcohol consumption…whatever it is you are thinking of changing.
  2. Goals – long term ones and little, day to day ones. A destination can be helpful and each journey is made of steps and milestones along the way.
  3. Rewards – how are you going to motivate yourself? Set up some rewards from the outset, some for the the milestones, some for longer term goals. Maybe you could use money saved to buy a treat? Give yourself time to phone a friend or read or watch a favourite movie? Go for a nice day out?
  4. Share – tell your friends and family or join like-minded groups (virtual or actual) to support you when things go awry and celebrate when you have successes.

    The Road to Damascus

    The Road to Damascus (from Jerash)

  5. Plan your day – you are trying to change habits and routines, where one action triggers another. How are you going to change your usual response to a trigger? Think about the day ahead and consider how you could handle your triggers differently. Coffee and cake…or coffee and a few minutes reading?
  6. Try, try again – You will have days when things don’t go so well. But the only place you find success before work is in the dictionary, so just try again. You have to practise to get good at anything, it is normal to make mistakes, so just try again. Did I mention that you should keep trying?
  7. Revise your goals – shit happens and opportunities happen. Both can change your life in unexpected ways so you may need to rethink your goals and lifestyle. I see many patients who had a major change a few months back – a new job, new baby, hip replacement or whatever, and then develop symptoms because they didn’t reframe their exercise regime, sleep pattern, posture, etc. It can feel like failure but really it is a matter of adaptation and resilience.