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Now Treating Horses

Now Treating Horses

Competition horses, whether they are in dressage, eventing, jumping or racing, are like athletes who need to keep their bodies in peak condition and their minds relaxed.


If a horse starts behaving differently, feels unbalanced, loses condition, is lame or seems one sided, osteopathy may be able to help. You may also be able to anticipate situations where a horse would benefit from treatment e.g. after stressful events such as long journeys, as preparation for a key competition or after a major effort.


I use gentle cranial techniques with horses to help restore them to their best possible health. I recently treated a racehorse who had lost condition following a stressful race. After working on his gut, he immediately started to eat and rapidly regained weight. He also seemed much more relaxed and happy in himself.


You must have the permission of your vet to have your horse treated by an osteopath. Please contact me for further details.